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We are sisters, friends and the co-founders of SOS

As sisters growing up, Jess and I were the organized pair in our large family of mom, dad, four brothers, informally adopted siblings and a stream of fur babies! We both had a knack for getting things done, busily bringing order to the chaos of our noisy, non-stop childhood home. These traits, and our parents’ encouragement to serve others, compelled us to form SOS!



There are 4 things to know about me: 

  1. I’m an enthusiast fitness runner,

  2. A lifelong learner,

  3. Happily married to my soulmate, John,

and this:

Organizing and Administration aren’t a job to me – they are my calling!


During my 30+ years career in engineering and corporate leadership, I started two small businesses. One was in computer training, and the other in estate settlement. Computer training made perfect sense for me as a technologist, but I found estate settlement far more fulfilling!  

I realized how daunting the tasks are for even the strongest of us, especially while emotions are raw! And the process is never a straight line. Yet, helping restore families' day-to-day lives touched my heart while the responsibilities captivated me!

Closing estates, with all the demands, is not unlike what small business owners face every day, and where I believe my skills and passion are most vital! 



Hello, everyone! I currently reside in the great state of Illinois with my husband, Bill, and our 17-yr old tabby cat, in a household both creative and critical. I am an accomplished artist and budding photographer, who also teaches art at my church. 

In my professional career, I am a freelance Computer-aided Drafter (CAD), through which I have worked with large and small companies across various industries. This field has also allowed me to apply practicality and functionality, while seamlessly blending these with my love of art!

See, I’ve always had an eye for assessing spaces and recommending solutions that are both beautiful and functional. I've always been able to capture the nuance of my customers’ vision, and then working out the logistics to bring their ideas to life! In simple terms, that’s what I believe is my knack for organizing.

I genuinely love helping others – a trait instilled by my parents. My goal is to help them in practical and simple ways!

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve small businesses and individuals through organizing, simplifying, and decluttering their work and environments. We aim to empower our clients with the processes and tools needed to continually improve, manage and maintain their environments.

Our Values

We will always strive to go above and beyond for our clients, no matter the challenge. Every engagement starts with our sincere desire to be “of service” and to treat every business as if it were our own home. We feel that living these guiding principles, we will always bring our best to everything we do!

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